Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Ride is Over

Well, I was to take the train home, but thanks to the friendly Metra, they decided to outlaw bicycles this weekend. Figures. So I bucked up and began the trip home. My totally aching butt and chafed hands (so wearing gloves is a good idea!) were ready to do it all again. This time I knew a short cut, I could take the Grand Illinois Trial westward and avoid a lot of roads. The ride to Kenosha I spent way too much time trying to find the trail, and on roads. The Des Plaines River trail was flooded every quarter mile. I rode through it a bunch of times, but there were times when the water level was just too high for my bike. My feet were wet for the entire trip up because of that.

I made a google map of the trip. Unfortunately, bike trails are not on Google maps, so I made assumptions based on the nearest roads. The mileage is pretty accurate.
Here's the map of my trip. Thanks for following!

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Train won't take bikes. Guess i'm riding home!

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