Friday, October 17, 2008

TechCon 2008, Naperville, IL

Today we had a great session which I will update more about soon. But I think one of the nicest tools that we saw was from Here's a poll that I created after the conference was completed.

The conference introduced us to an extreme amount of Web 2.0 tools, luckily, some that I'm already using like Diigo and Flickr, but I was particularly interested in Wes Fryer's uses of the cell phone in (or out of) class. I see potential already with my blogging class, and I'd like to see how to safely import some of these voice blogs. I'll write more about those later.


Wesley Fryer said...

Nice job on the poll! You might fix the link reference tho- it is Also you embedded the SMS version, but you can create and embed a web voting version. I'm voting via SMS on your poll now!

Great to meet you, certainly no need to apologize for enthusiasm! We need more of that-- then we just need to direct it constructively and productively! :-)

murch said...

Thanks for visiting my post on morning coffee, blogs and community. I usually insert my photos directly into my blog post after resizing them. Although I do use flickr, I am fairly new to it and have just set up a pro account. Photo Friday is a great group to join, where educators put up a photo each Friday, discuss them and comment on them. As to creative commons I am new to all this as well,. I am quite happy for people to use my photos if for educational purposes.
As to cell phones, or mobile phones as we call them in Australia, I helped supervise yr 11 work experience in Melbourne (our capital city, and our students are from farms). They were so nervous and then excited, that I wanted to capture this, but had not recording gear. Then I remembered my phone. Students were quite happy to talk into it. It was quite simple to bluetooth them to my laptop. I downloaded an online convertor which then converted them to mp3 files to produce the resultant podcast. Some of my coleagues are using utterli now.

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